Baba Venga Predictions for 2024 are a Mix of Good, Bad and The Terrible

We are all curious to know how the future will turn out for us. Therefore, as the new year approaches every year, we all begin to wonder what the new year has instore for us. In this regard Baba Venga has become a familiar name for making predictions about the future. Baba Venga has indeed made some predictions for the year 2024. Let us find out what awaits us in the new year and how can we deal with it.
Baba Venga's predictions for 2024

Baba Venga's predictions for 2024

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There are only a few days left for the year 2023 to be consigned to the history books and a new year awaits us.
We all eagerly wait to know what the new year has instore for us. Whether our lives will continue as it has been going on or will some major new changes will take place.
Over the past few years as soon as the new year arrives, discussions about Baba Venga's prediction intensifies. That is because the predictions of Bulgaria's female prophet Baba Venga have proved true year after year.
According to reports, she was born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in 1911 and lost her eyesight mysteriously at the age of 12 during a massive storm. When her family found her days later, she told them about her first vision.
Even though she died in 1996, some of the predictions of Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian mystic, are said to have come true long after her death. Baba Vanga has now become a cult figure among conspiracy theorists who believe that she forecasted global events way before they happened. Also called the Nostradamus of the Balkans, Baba Vanga is said to have foretold major world events like the 9/11 terror attacks, the death of Princess Diana, the Chernobyl disaster, and Brexit.
Therefore, the 2024 was also predicted about by Baba Venga, which will bring a period of some deep crisis along somethings to cheer about. Let us see some of Baba Venga's predictions for the year 2024.

Assassination or attempted assassination of PutinAccording to the most shocking prediction of Baba Venga in the new year, Russian President Putin may die in the year 2024. The cause of Putin's death will be murder. It has reportedly been told that a Russian citizen will be responsible in this conspiracy against Putin.

Good news regarding cancer

Baba Venga's predictions are often scary but this time there is some good news. This good news is related to finding a cure for treating cancer in the year 2024. According to the prediction of Baba Venga, treatment for dangerous diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's will be found this year. In such a situation, this prediction is like a ray of hope for millions of people around the world.

Cyber Attack

Baba Venga's third prediction can prove dangerous for the digital world. Baba Venga has predicted that there will be an increase in the number and intensity of cyber attacks around the world for the year 2024. According to her, advanced cyber hackers will and can attack critical infrastructure like power grids and water treatment plants, medical facilities which can be a threat to national security apart from directly affecting ordinary people.

Terrorism will spread

Baba Venga's prediction regarding terrorism for the year 2024 is scary. According to Venga, a big country of the world will in all likelyhood test biological weapons in the coming year. This will directly be responsible for the increase in instances of terrorist attacks around the world but particularly in the continent of Europe.

Growing Economic Crisis

Baba Venga's prophecy says that due to increasing tension, war and shifting of power from the West to the East, the world will face an economic crisis the likes of which it has never experienced before. This could lead to political instability and social unrest around the world and could also lead to violence and crime, especially in the big cities.

Climate Disasters

The worsening environmental conditions and its aftereffects have already been in display and therefore it comes as no surprise that climate disasters feature prominently in the predictions for Baba Venga for the year 2024. She has predicted that the new year will go do in history which will experience an increasing number of climate related natural disasters like floods, drought, earthquakes, landslides, caused by severe weather patterns and increasing levels of radiation and human activities.

Technological Revolution

This is another area which does not surprise anyone by making it to this list as we are at the moment standing on the verge of technological revolutions that has the potential to change the world and turn it upside down. Vanga foresaw notable progress in quantum computing and a substantial increase in the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) are just two of the major changes that are increasingly becoming part of our day to day lives.
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