Watch: Man Kicks, Jumps On Tesla Cybertruck To Show Build Quality

Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most hyped-up vehicles in the auto industry gaining fame because of its unique design which promotes strength, speed, and off-roading capabilities. The viral video demonstrates the strength of the pickup truck with an unusual test showing a man jumping and kicking the electric vehicle.
Tesla Cybertruck Viral

Tesla Cybertruck boasts a bulletproof body

Tesla Cybertruck has been gaining the attention of car enthusiasts worldwide since it was first unveiled. Now, after the electric pickup truck has been launched, the attention has been multiplied several times. The makers of the electric vehicle have made several claims about the EV's build quality and strength because of the alloy used to make it. These vehicles are even claimed to be bulletproof without any additional modifications. Demonstrating the same a man shared the details of the Tesla Cybertruck and demonstrated its strength by kicking and jumping on it.
The video begins with the man showing the frunk of the Tesla Cybertruck. He later moves on the show the rest of the body of the electric vehicle. He even kicks the door of the vehicle made out of stainless steel while telling the audience, "You can kick them, and they do not break." He then moves on to the rear end of the pickup truck. Doing the same, he climbs on the vehicle and jumps on it. Furthermore, he shows the space available on its bed. He then shows the interiors of the EV while showing the feature of tumbling seats.
The strength of the exoskeleton of the Tesla Cybertruck can be traced back to its extremely durable 30X cold-rolled stainless steel, which makes it resistant to dents and other harm. The brand also shared videos testing their durability by firing on the truck using a 9 mm gun.
Adding to it, armoured glass is also part of the sturdy construction, providing even more protection. Tesla's innovations don't end there. The Cybertruck's engineering places a strong emphasis on off-road capability, demonstrating the brand's dedication to expanding the capabilities of electric cars.
Launched in three variants, the Tesla Cybertruck gets Cyberbeast, all-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive, the EV is capable of achieving a top speed of 130 mph (209 kmph) in its best-spec.
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