Viral Video Turns Anand Mahindra on to 'Tornado Omelette'

Tornado omelette is a South Korean breakfast dish in which eggs are twisted into a swirling torm-like shap.e
Anand Mahindra has added Torado Omelette to his cooking reportire.

Anand Mahindra has added Torado Omelette to his cooking repertoire.

Photo : Twitter
Anand Mahindra is a self-attested one-trick horse when it comes to cooking but he made a new addition to his culinary “repertoire” over the weekend after drooling a mouthful over a viral video on social media.
The 68-year-old industrialist and chairman of the Mahindra Group has built quite an online clout over the years by sharing motivational, sometimes humorous, content on X, the site previously known as Twitter.
However, Anand Mahindra’s activity on Sunday was a far cry from the innovative, automotive and inspirational nature of the videos he’s known to post.
“Say hello to the ‘Tornado Omelette,” the industrialist wrote. “My skills as a Chef are limited to breakfast & brunch fare. But this is going to add significantly to my repertoire… Briliant. And so simple. I’m heading to the kitchen… Wait…where are the chopsticks?”
A tornado omelette, also known as Tornado Egg, is a type of omelette with layers of smooth eggs that twist together into a tornado shape.
Served with rice and curry, this aesthetically-pleasing breakfast dish is a popular street food in South Korea.
The clip posted by Anand Mahindra shows a professional chef using chopsticks to create a tornado-shaped omelette inside a pan by twisting the egg white so that it soaks up the yolk.
The swirling dish is then poured over rice before being consumed.
Turns out, it wasn’t just the Mahindra boss who was fascinated by the Korean revelation.
@anandmahindra sir you are looking like a Master Chef …!,” a user commented.
Another wrote: “Wow! This is a fantastic piece of art, more than food ”
It wasn’t the first time he was turned on to something after stumbling up on it during his social scrolls.
Earlier this year, Anand Mahindra posted a video of an octogenarian tea seller in Punjab.
“There are many sights to see in Amritsar. But the next time I visit the city, apart from visiting the Golden Temple, I will make it a point to visit this ‘Temple of Tea Service’ that Baba has apparently run for over 40 years,” he said, adding that our hearts are “the biggest temples”.
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