Sniff, Swipe, Steal: Trending 'Stealie' Hoodie Lets You Smell Your Partner Anywhere You Go

"MARKET and AXE drop 'Stealie' hoodie on December 14, combining streetwear style and nostalgia. Infused with AXE's Blue Lavender, it's a fashionable ode to stealing hoodies from your partners.
New hoodie lets you smell your partner

New hoodie lets you smell your partner

We have all secretly taken a whiff of our partner's clothes. Not in a creepy way, of course (duh!), but just to feel close to them at times. In fact, if you are one of those who loves wrapping themselves in your significant other's hoodies after a showdown, then you may have just gotten a new best friend.

Market's new scent-infused hoodie

Streetwear brand Market, well known for their quirky graphics recently dropped a 'Stealie' hoodie that will let you smell your partner anytime. Of course, your partner has to be an AXE spraying enthusiast for that, considering their latest drop infuses fragrance brand AXE's unique scent into the hoodie.
Considering most high school hunks were big fans of AXE too, it wouldn't be surprising if many get a hint of nostalgia and a remembrance of old high school love when they first sniff the hoodie. This collaboration brings forth a distinctive olfactory experience, capturing the essence of your past or present romantic interest, particularly if they are a user of AXE's popular range of body sprays, washes, and deodorants.

What is the 'Stealie' hoodie?

Dubbed the 'Stealie' hoodie, it is much more than your plain old hoodie. It is a sensory journey, featuring the latest fragrance from AXE, Blue Lavender. Caroline Gregory, AXE's Global Brand Director, shared insights into the collaboration, stating that people often find themselves "stealing" a piece of clothing from their significant others due to the connection with their scent. This latest release is a playful take on something a lot of us are guilty of doing.
Check out the Stealie hoodie that has our attention at the moment!
So, if your partner is protective of his hoodies and wouldn't let you steal them, then here's the second best thing you can indulge in.
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