Phone vs. Family: 90% of Kids Feel Lonelier Due to Parental Phone Use

A new report from vivo and Cybermedia Research reveals that excessive smartphone usage by both parents and children is negatively impacting parent-child relationships. Key findings show children spend an average of 6.5 hours daily on phones, over 90% of parents and kids feel anxious when separated from devices. Here is what else do you know.
Phone vs Family

96 of Parents, 93 of Kids Eager to Strengthen Family Bonds Amid Smartphone Onslaught

A new report from vivo and Cybermedia Research reveals some concerning trends regarding the impact of excessive smartphone use on parent-child relationships. The research shows that children are initiating smartphone usage around the age of 12 and spending an alarming 6.5 hours per day engaged with their devices, mostly for gaming purposes.
Perhaps more disturbing is the finding that over 90% of children acknowledge feeling anxious when separated from their phones, highlighting a strong emotional dependence. The vast majority also admits to being "predominantly engrossed" in activities on their smartphones when at home, pointing to near-constant immersion in these devices.
Quality Time Together Suffering
This excessive usage is having a clear negative effect on relationships between parents and children. The report states that 90% of parents confess to feeling irritated when interrupted by their children while they themselves are engrossed in phone activities. The same proportion say they now spend less quality time together as a result of phones, which over 90% of children seem to confirm by admitting they feel lonelier than ever because of their parent's device usage.
Study reveals impact on relationships:
    90% of parents are irritated by interruptions from kids when using phones
  • 90% spend less quality time together, as per the parents
  • Over 90% of children feel lonelier due to parental phone use
  • 75% of parents are on phones simultaneously while spending daily 2 hrs with kids
  • Despite spending an average of 2 hours daily interacting, around 75% of parents acknowledge simultaneous phone engagement during this time with their kids, raising doubts over the meaningfulness of these interactions.
    Guilt Yet Optimism Around Strengthening Bonds
    The report does highlight some optimism regarding the strength of family bonds moving forward. Over 90% of both parents and children express feelings of guilt regarding the quality of their relationships. Furthermore, an encouraging 96% of parents and 93% of kids share a desire to deepen their family connections amidst this age of distraction.
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