Apple Vision Pro Could Launch Earlier Than Expected! Mark Gurman Claims

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is ramping up retail training efforts on the Vision Pro headset for a potential earlier release in January or February 2023, instead of March as previously rumoured.
Apple Vision Pro headset

Apple Speeds Up Retail Training for Potential January Launch of Vision Pro

2024 seems to be an exciting year for the tech enthusiasts. From the launch of some much-awaited smartphones to breakthrough products in the tech industry. One of them is surely Apple’s Vision Pro. According to the latest report, Apple appears to be accelerating its retail training timeline for the upcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset.
As per the newsletter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, there is a potential earlier launch of Vision Pro in January 2023 instead of March as previously expected. Back in October, Mark Gurman reported that Apple would fly retail employees from each US store to its Cupertino headquarters in early 2024 for Vision Pro training. However, these training seminars are now being scheduled for mid-January 2023. Employees will undergo two days of intensive training on the complex custom setup process required for the spatial computing headset.
The goal is for these initial trainees to then go back and train all other retail staff at their home stores. Every aspect of the customer experience will be carefully orchestrated, from how employees approach and speak to customers to how they physically place the Vision Pro headset on the user's head.
Stores Preparing for On-Site Setup & Sales
While customers can reserve a Vision Pro unit online, Gurman believes Apple will encourage in-store pickup so staff can assemble and customize each unit onsite. Retail stores will soon receive equipment specifically for boxing up Vision Pros to send home with customers after purchase.
Considering the production effort underway, Gurman now expects the Vision Pro to launch by March at the latest, with an outside possibility of hitting store shelves as early as January. Apple has publicly stated only an "early 2024" timeframe.
About Vision Pro
Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro targets early adopters with its cutting-edge micro OLED displays, spatial computing powers, and ability to blend augmented and virtual reality. Unique capabilities like spatial audio, hand tracking, and mixed reality capture cement it as one of Apple's biggest product launches in years.
If Apple can stick to its aggressive retail training timeline over the holidays, consumers may get their first chance to go hands-on with the Vision Pro sooner than expected in early 2023. But any last-minute delays could easily push the on-sale date back to March or later.
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