US woman earns Rs 1.8 lakh per day as topless maid

Wait till you hear about her security guard’s cut.

Updated Mar 10, 2023 | 02:41 PM IST

A TikToker named Sammi revealed she earns 2,230 a day for her 'topless maid' cleaning services in Tampa, Florida | iStock; @sincerely__sammi/Instagram

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  • Sammi revealed in a TikTok video that she charges USD 300 per hour.
  • For her 'topless maid' services in Tampa, Florida, the US woman earns Rs 1.8 lakh a day.
  • The content creator explained that rebranding her services landed her 10 gigs in a single day.
A towering cost of living crisis has forced many to take up odd jobs j us t to make ends meet but one woman in the United States (US) has gone viral after revealing what she makes as a topless maid in a day. TikTok user Sammie, of Tampa , Florida , said she charges $300/hour and earns about $2,230 (over Rs 1.8 lakh) in a day’s gross wages.
“So many of you want to know how much I make in a day as a topless maid,” the content creator said in a video. “Today I cleaned five houses and I charge $300 an hour. And I have a security guy who sits out in the car and waits for me just in case something happens.”

“Second house, $300 and they gave me a $120 tip,” she added.
But wait till you hear about the guard’s cut. Sammi explained that she gives 30% of her earnings to the security guard. TikToker sleuths worked out his pay and reckoned it is a pretty well-paying gig — especially for a job that doesn't involve baring your chest.
"Wait so he made $800 and you made $1400? For him sitting outside waiting in case? Geez his job is a lot less effort," a comment read.
In a previous video on February 19th, the Florida native mentioned that she learned about this profession from a friend who also provides similar services. She had not heard of anyone offering such services in her local area and was intrigued to give it a try.
"I like cleaning, and I like being topless. So, I reached out to everyone on my other platform, and I was like 'hey if you're above the age of 18 and you want to get your house cleaned, DM me,'" Sammi stated, according to narcity .
Initially, there was not much response to her offering with only a few people showing interest in what she was doing. However, after she modified her marketing strategy to use the term "topless maid," she reported that her DMs were “flooded”.
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