NEET Doon ya Sindoor lagau? NEET aspirants' hilarious replies to viral reel are perfect stress busters

With NEET UG Registrations underway, NEET aspirants are using social media as stress buster. They came across a viral Instagram reel in which a wife (with no background of medical science) makes his dead husband alive with the power of indoor. Check the viral reel here.

Updated Mar 10, 2023 | 03:05 PM IST

NEET UG 2023 aspirants

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After watching this video, Doctors are like ‘to mau kya karun, job chor du’? This Viral Video will definitely make your Friday better. A video is doing rounds on Instagram and is being widely shared by NEET aspirants on their stories.
Netizens are claiming that the video is a clipping from very popular daily soap ‘kahan hum kahan tum’. In the scene, her husband is in ICU and Doctor has probably given up and said that the operation is complicated and he has lost his life on operation table. To which she got really angry and shouted on doctors by saying who are you to say that you could not save my husband. You are just doctor, you are not god, I trust my sindoor more than medical science. Then she went inside the operation theatre and in the next scene, she takes off her apron and comes out claiming that the patient is breathing.
She said, “Maine kaha tha na aapse ki suhagan ki shakti pe shak mat krna”.

NEET Aspirants share their hilarious take on viral video

A user Rathore commented, “Scope MBBS mein nahi sindur mein hai.”. Another aspirant commented, “Maine nahi dena NEET entrance, ab laao sindoor lagao bhai, Mujhe bhi chahaiye sindoor ki shakti”. Another user commented, “Mai MBBS ki aagy padhai karu ya chor du?”.
NEET aspirants are now joking about getting married soon. A user commented, “Mai MBBS karne ki soch raho thi but ab lagta hai pehle shadi karni chahiye.” To which another user, claiming to be her monther commented chalo kisi bahane to kar lo shadi fir karna sindoor ki shakti se operation.
Meanwhile, NEET UG registration is underway and aspirants can apply online on official website. NEET UG 2023 Registrations began on March 6, 2023. Candidates have been given a month’s time to fill in and submit their NEET UG applications. For more details, one can go to the official website.
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