Central Railways retains highest non-fare revenues at Rs 78.86 cr for FY 22-23

Updated Mar 9, 2023 | 07:58 PM IST

Central Railway retains highest Non Fare Revenue figures among all Zones for April- 2022 to February-2023, registers ₹78.86 crore in Non-Fare Revenue

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Reported and written by Srushti Atkare.
Mumbai : Central Railway (CR) has retained the highest Non-Fare Revenue figures among all zones for the period of April 2022 to February 2023, registering a staggering ₹78.86 crore in Non-Fare Revenue. This figure is a significant increase from last year's Rs 27.10 crore during the same period, showing an enormous increase of 191 percent.
Central Railway's performance can be attributed to the completion of several tenders and contracts. In February 2023, 18 tenders were awarded through e-auction, with an annual license fee of Rs.491.06 lakh. Additionally, five contracts for external vinyl wrapping on EMUs were awarded by the Mumbai division, with earnings of Rs 243.30 lakh per annum for a period of three years.
Furthermore, the Mumbai division also awarded two Out of Home contracts with earnings of Rs.5.88 lakh per annum for a period of five years through e-auction. The Latur division was awarded one Out of Home contract with earnings of Rs.6.75 lakh per annum, while the Pune division was awarded one with earnings of Rs.51.80 lakh for a period of five years. In addition, four Rail Display Network contracts were awarded by the Mumbai division with earnings of Rs.125.44 lakh per annum.
Central Railway's parcel revenue has also seen significant growth during this period. The transportation of approximately 4.56 lakh tonnes of parcels and luggage in FY 2022-23 (April to February) generated a revenue of Rs 232.50 crore, including Rs.17.96 crore in the month of February alone. During the same period, 201 trips of time-tabled parcel trains generated revenue of Rs 24.81 crore, including Rs.14.97 crore through 99 trips of CSMT-Shalimar Parcel train, Rs.6.25 crore through 30 Indent Parcel Trains from Bhiwandi - Jalgaon to Azra and Rs.3.59 crore through Lease Parcel Trains from Godhani to Tinsukia Junction in 22 trips.
Presently, Central Railway has 101 SLRs and 14 VPs on a lease, out of which 50 SLRs and 2VPs were leased through e-auction. This is a substantial increase compared to the 74 SLRs and 5 VPs leased during the corresponding period last year.
Central Railway's performance in Non-Fare Revenue and Parcel Revenue has been commendable. With the successful completion of various tenders and contracts, Central Railway has shown its dedication and commitment to providing quality services to its passengers and stakeholders.
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