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You can safely assume that curiosity is Krishna's middle name. This trait helps him scour the internet for stories that intrigue the readers. In his downtime, Krishna can be found watching The Big Bang Theory or reading non-fiction.

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El Nino's return likely to unleash hottest year ever, 1.5 °C warming by 2026

Within Earth’s inner core may lurk an ‘innermost’, fifth layer

Scientists warming up to Moon dust, Earth’s proposed sun shield, is not cool

Planet Nine's moons might help astronomers find our missing cosmic neighbour

Ice on Shivling at Nashik’s Trimbakeshwar temple found to be ‘hoax’

American black vulture sighting in Delhi NCR possibly India’s first

NASA Mars orbiter discovers ‘bear’s face’ on Red Planet

New penguin colony found in Antarctica after scientists spot poo from space

Mumbai: Forest officials rescue 1.2-foot-long crocodile trapped in box

British company unveils world’s first cow-dung-powered tractor

Pigeon wearing mini backpack of drugs busted in Canada prison's yard

Recycled human hair absorbs environmental pollution in Belgium

Florida man sets police car on fire because he does 'stupid things’ when drunk

Kashmiri Kahwa with 16 ingredients floats tea master’s boat on Dal Lake

Germany: Woman turns off patient’s ventilator twice because sound annoyed her

Pluto’s ‘true colours’ shine through in new NASA image

Cat’s out of the bag at JFK airport after X-ray finds stowaway in checked luggage

Blindingly bright meteor lights up night sky over Norway

UP: Man in Pilibhit rips up poor-quality road, built for Rs 3.8 crore, with bare hands to expose corruption

Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute from The Office, changes his name to protest climate crisis