Hyderabad: Rains may return to Telangana around March 15-16; check 5-day weather forecast for city

Weather experts predict another spell of rains in Telangana around March 15 or 16. Hyderabad saw gusty winds and below normal temperatures this week after nearly a month of dry and hot weather due to an unusual thunderstorm activity in central India and northern Telangana.

Updated Mar 10, 2023 | 08:10 AM IST

Hyderabad witnesses relatively lower temperatures, rains may return to state around March 15-16 | Representational Image

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Hyderabad: Partly cloudy skies are expected to greet Hyderabad residents on Friday with the city likely to witness a lowest temperature of 20 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature may be around 34 degrees Celsius today, India Meteorogical Departament ( IMD ) said. According to weather experts, Telangana could witness a spell of rain around March 15 or 16.

Hyderabad saw below normal temperature on Tuesday amid unsual thunderstorm activity

After a month of soaring temperatures, the state capital's weather was marked with pleasant winds and lower than normal temperatures on Tuesday. Several northern districts in the state were even under cloud cover and recorded low temperatures.
The current weather conditions have been attributed to an unusual thunderstorm activity in central India and northern Telangana with even hailstorms and gusty winds seen across Nagpur and adjoining areas.

Weather in Hyderabad next 5 days

Day 1 (March 11): The minimum and maximum temperatures in Hyderabad are likely to be around 19 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius, respectively. The city is expected to see a mainly clear sky.
Day 2 (March 12): The highest temperature in Hyderabad may be around 33 degrees while the lowest temperature is likely to hover around 18 degrees Celsius with mainly clear sky.
Day 3 (March 13): On Monday, hyderabd’s lowest and highest temperatures are likely to be around 19 degrees and 34 degrees Celsius, respectively. The city's skies will be mainly clear.
Day 4 (March 14): The minimum temperature in the city is likely to rise to 21 degrees Celsius on Tuesday while the maximum temperature may be around 34.0 degrees Celsius. The city will see partly cloudy sky.
Day 5 (March 15): The minimum and maximum temperature in the city is likely to be around 20 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius, respecively. Skies are likely to remain partly cloudy.
On Tuesday, March 7, gusty winds were seen in the morning hours between 8 am and 10 am with speeds of 16 knots in Hyderabad. In other parts of the state as well, sudden gusts were observed with Nizamabad seeing up to 21 knots.
"A trough or low pressure has formed between Kokan region and central parts of Chhattisgarh passing through north Karnataka, Telangana and Vidarbha. These conditions will bring rain for the state," an IMD, Hyderabad, official said. The rains, however, were be limited to Adilabad, Asifabad, Nirmal, Mancherial, Jagtial , Nizamabad and Kamareddy over the next 24-48 hours up to Wednesday, the IMD had said.
Meanwhile, experts have noted that these thunderstorms were unusual for this time of the year.
"Usually March 1 to May 31 is called the pre-monsoon phase. In this phase, when temperatures go above 40 degrees, it is followed by thunderstorms. However, for central India, this usually starts from March second week to April first week when temperatures go up and rains accompany. This time around, in an unusual trend, the pre-monsoon showers have arrived early, in the first week of March itself owing to high temperatures," Mahesh Palwat of Skymet Weather said.
"Rain is possible once again for Telangana and, during that time, it will occur across the state and may continue until March 19," Palwat added.
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