7 Common Mistakes Men Make Before Embarking On A Skincare Journey

Before you dive headfirst into the world of men's skincare, here are a few mistakes you should absolutely NOT be making if you want your routine to work.
Skincare mistakes men are making

Skincare mistakes men are making

You see that guy who seems to be having a good skin day. Yeah well, we are gonna go out on a limb and guess that guy has a killer skincare routine. And if he scoffs and denies it, then you best bet it's his expert way of getting rid of the competition. Aka YOU!
Skincare for men is not 'unmanly' in any way, shape or form. In fact, having a solid skincare routine will not only do wonders for your confidence, but it will also help with premature ageing and so much more. But, before you embark on a skincare journey, here are a few common mistakes you need to avoid at any cost.

Neglecting sunscreen

No sane woman will ever leave her house without sun protection. And if you haven't already guessed, it's because sun damage is very much REAL. Unless you superhumanly happen to be immune to UV Rays, it is important to always incorporate sunscreen into your routine. Despite the morning rush!

Not giving your moisturizer enough love

Using a daily facial moisturizer helps prevent your skin from turning into a dry cakey mess. Make sure you tailor your moisturizer choice to your skin type, depending on whether you suffer from dry or oily skin. Morning routines demand SPF20+ creams, while bedtime calls for anti-ageing ingredients.

Manhandling your acne

Believe it or not, even men can suffer from adult acne. Include face washing, regular exfoliation, and the application of salicylic acid acne cream in your routine to keep acne in check. Do not pop those pesky pimples!

Ignoring Calluses

If you are a big fan of heavy lifting at the gym, chances are that your palms currently boast a bunch of calluses. Take care of this problem by using chalk or gloves, coupled with diligent care such as soaking and shaving down calluses. Do not just let them sit for years on end.

Grooming mishaps

If you suffer from thick body hair, it is common to feel prickly post-manscaping. You can switch to trimmers or follow measures like shaving in hot water, following the length of the hair and immediately moisturizing.

Not checking chemicals in products

Those 3-in-one body wash products? They may be harming your skin, hair and nails. Choosing paraben-free, plant-based alternatives ensures that your skincare is working the right way.

Rushing your shave

Do not just slap a shaving cream over your entire face. Instead, employ quality shaving products, a brush and a safe razor to turn your shave into a more appealing ritual. Incorporating aftershave replenishes the skin, leaving behind the itchy red bumps most commonly found after rushed routines.
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