Fashion Tips For Men To Nail VIRAL Old Money Aesthetic

Dec 11, 2023

Shreya Kachroo

Old Money style

​Old money aesthetic has been taking over the internet like no other. While it is always associated with women, here are a few ways even men can nail this new 'core'.​

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Dress Pants

Dress pants embody enduring elegance, blending comfort and style seamlessly. Sophisticated combinations with well-tailored shirts and blazers create a refined ensemble suitable for various occasions.

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Choose your colour

Navy, charcoal gray, and medium to dark shades of brown are favored choices for suits. Subtle patterns like pinstripes, herringbone, and classic checks add depth to the Old Money style.

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Polo shirts

Classic polo shirts demonstrate the adaptability of Old Money style, effortlessly transitioning from formal to casual settings.

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Chinos epitomize adaptability, providing comfort and style for daily pursuits. Smart-casual ensembles, paired with tailored shirts and loafers, showcase discreet sophistication.

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High-quality, well-fitted denim in dark washes can be incorporated into the Old Money aesthetic. Paired with blazers and dress shirts, jeans add a contemporary flair while maintaining sophistication.

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Tweed field jackets, trench coats, camel overcoats, and duffle coats serve as key staples in the outerwear layer. Attention to fabric quality, fit, and construction ensures outerwear conveys enduring style.

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Tuxedos symbolize sophistication and refined taste, reserved for the most formal occasions. The classic black tuxedo is an ideal investment, embodying tradition and enduring style.

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Footwear Choices

Oxford shoes, loafers, derby shoes, monk strap shoes, Chelsea boots, brogues, and boots are carefully chosen for their elegance and versatility. Shoe accessories contribute to the overall sophistication of the Old Money style.

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