Best Christmas Plants for a Festive Home

Dec 10, 2023

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These exotic-looking flowers bloom four to six weeks after you plant the bulb and are admired for their ability to bloom inside. Certain plants put up flowers first before the leaves.

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Most Rare Flowers Around The World


These beautiful fragile-looking plants are not as delicate as they appear and can flower for months with little care.

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Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus are so beautiful that they may outshine the ornaments on your tree. These are among the more durable seasonal plants, lasting for decades. Different kinds of flowers bloom at different times of the year, including Thanksgiving and Easter.

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Poinsettias are almost as timeless as Christmas movies! Choose plants with little yellow blooms, known as cyathia, in the centre of the coloured foliage. If you choose a plant that is oozing pollen or has dropped its yellow blossoms, it is beyond its peak and won't survive the season.

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These cool-season plants can withstand temperatures in the 40s, which makes them attractive in the winter. With appropriate conditions, they can bloom for more than eight weeks.

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Norfolk Island Pine

Because this long-lasting plant is native to the South Pacific, it cannot be grown outside in most of the country. If you don't have room for a large tree, it makes an ideal tabletop tree, but its branches tend to get weighed down fast, so use lightweight decorations.

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Frosty Fern

These charming small white fern-like plants are a new addition to the Christmas lineup. They're becoming more common at high-end grocery stores and nurseries. Keep them on your dining room table or desk, simply seeing them will encourage you to write some deep Christmas card feelings!

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These are frequently sold in kits or as loose bulbs with a planting medium. Plant them in containers and enjoy the fragrant blossoms in two to three weeks.

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This cooking essential grows into a robust indoor or outdoor shrub that is sometimes trimmed into a topiary or pyramidal shape to resemble a Christmas tree. Its fresh piney aroma is energising in the middle of a gloomy winter, and it also adds a savoury note to roasts.

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